Prime members earn 2% rewards

Be an Amazon Prime Member

Prime members earn a 2% bonus on every reload using a designated debit card.

Not a Prime member?

Set up 2% rewards

To set up 2% rewards, you need:

? US bank account and routing number

? Debit card number

? US driver's license number

Reload your Gift Card Balance

Reload your Gift Card Balance using 2% rewards payment method.

Your 2% rewards will be added to your Gift Card Balance at the same time you reload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a designated debit card?

A: When setting up Prime Reload, you will be asked to select a debit card for rewards.

Q: Why do I need to provide my checking account and my debit card?

A: To fulfill your reload, we will sometimes route orders through your checking account instead of your debit card.

Q: I have more than one debit card, which one should I choose?

A: When possible, you should provide the debit card and checking account number which draws funds from the same account.

Q: How soon will my funds be available? When are rewards added?

A: For most reloads, your funds will be available within 5 minutes. However, some reloads may be delayed up to 4 hours if a closer review is necessary. Rewards will be made available at the same time your reload is fulfilled.

Q: Can I combine 2% rewards with my 5% Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or my Amazon Prime Store Card rewards?

A: Unfortunately, 2% rewards are not available when you reload using a credit card, including the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or the Amazon Prime Store Card.

Invited guests who receive only shipping benefits from another Prime member are not eligible for 2% rewards.

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